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Swirl Works - Part of the Allied Arts Community

Swirl Works

Swirl Works is a creative studio with a mission: to give people a place to connect with themselves and others through art and creativity. 

We opened our doors in early 2020, but the idea had actually been brewing for years. But more on that in our next post!

The power of connection and creating is undeniable and acted as the seeds from which Swirl Works was born! We are excited to create a space and community here. We hope you’ll join us soon! 

A Member of Allied Arts 

Swirl Works is located inside the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, California. Founded in 1929 as an artists guild, with the mission "to provide a serene, beautiful workplace for artists and to encourage the crafting of handsome objects..." Today, it remains a historic landmark in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Allied Arts is a place for artists to come together to share their gifts with each other and the greater community. Home to art studios, shops, and a cafe, the Allied Arts Guild is graced with sprawling gardens that provide a beautiful backdrop that inspire all who enter.

A Brief History Of The Guild 

Like Swirl Works, Allied Arts was also inspired by a trip abroad. In 1928, the Merner family purchased 3.5 acres of beautiful farmland with the goal of creating a craft center that honored those they’d seen and loved on their travels through Europe. In an effort to create an artistic oasis, they crafted beautiful gardens like those they’d seen in Spain, which fit seamlessly into the Spanish Colonial style that is seen throughout California. 

Today, all of this can be enjoyed by the public at the Allied Arts Guild. The three beautiful courtyards continue to inspire artists and visitors alike. 

We invite you to experience this serene escape for yourself at one of our outdoor workshops. Stay tuned for our Spring schedule, coming soon! 

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