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The History of Swirl Works: How We Got Started & What’s Coming Next!

How Swirl Works Came to Be

Though we opened our doors in November of 2020, the idea for this space had actually been brewing for years.

Years ago our founder Kori took a trip to Peru to study cultural traditions. She quickly became enthralled with the art and the culture.

The power of connection was palpable; the connection to the present and the past, as well as the connecting force between people who didn’t share the same culture or even language. Kori took that with her as she returned home to the Bay Area, and later those were the seeds from which Swirl Works was born!

For years, Kori hosted backyard gatherings where acquaintances became friends, creating a small community right here in Menlo Park. She saw the power in people coming together, unplugging, and enjoying the process of creating. She knew she wanted to create a place where more people could have that same experience.

Finding A Home at Allied Arts 

When Kori first stepped foot onto the Allied Arts Guild, she knew that it was the perfect setting to bring her vision to life. Since its inception in 1929, Allied Arts has been providing a serene workplace for artists. Nestled in the Bay Area, its gardens and courtyards provide the perfect setting to unleash creativity, both for self-proclaimed artists and those who are just starting their journey into creative outlets.

Swirl Works is tucked away in the rear courtyard studio next to The Barn. We are proud to have found our home in the Allied Arts Guild and we are looking forward to hosting outdoor art workshops in the courtyard again soon! If you are interested in learning more about Allied Arts, you can read more about its history here.

What Comes Next

At Swirl Works, we facilitate and encourage connection building through art, even if it is 6 feet apart. We are working diligently to create an amazing Spring schedule and bring more wonderful artisans in to host outdoor art workshops. Whether you’re an avid artist, enjoy art as a hobby, or have never taken a class, we invite you to join us and unleash your artistic spirit. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when sign-ups open for our outdoor art classes. 

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