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Meet the Artisans

Get to know the humans behind the hands.

Oil Painting

Krista Fay Beams

She loves exploring the relationships we collectively and individually form with technology and social media and recontextualizes digital items in oil-paint. 

Her work has been shown nationally in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Sha Liang

Sha is a watercolor artist based in the Bay. Making art has always been a central part of her life and the subjects in her paintings range from nature to people.

Sha's focus is on the creative process and using it to connect with others. She believes that everyone is creative and she's here to show you that you are capable of making beautiful art!

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Jean Choe

Jean Choe is an artist and surface designer based in California. She works with various media including watercolor, gouache and acrylics. Color is her biggest source of inspiration.

She gravitates towards bright and cheerful colors, and loves to paint nature, people and abstract ideas. Through her art, she wishes to make your day a little brighter!

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Vivan Pham

Vivan is a calligraphy and lettering artist based in the South Bay. While focusing on on a modern calligraphy style, she is able to create various pieces through different art mediums such at pointed pen & ink, watercolor, and brush markers.

Through discovering the meditational features of calligraphy by slowly drawing lines and strokes, she finds this to be beneficial to ones self-care to de-stress, disconnect, and focus on being in the moment. She then created calligraphy kits with essential tools and a beginner’s guide to share with the world. 

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Dot Mandala

Katherine Shariq

Katherine Shariq expresses her art using dot mandala techniques. She loves how this art form releases the hidden artist within to play with colors and create beautiful designs easily with little to no experience needed.

She loves how meditative and relaxing this art form is, while at the same time releasing stress and anxiety. Many of the recipients of her dot mandala art began noticing how soothing and healing the energy from her dot mandala palm stones were and they often found themselves holding the art stones for relaxation.

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Thea Sizemore

Thea Sizemore has been a letterpress printer, artist and instructor for over 20 years. She holds a BFA in printmaking with emphasis on printmaking and book arts.

As founder of Kavamore Press, a custom letterpress and design studio in South Berkeley, Thea works with private clients and various artists to create ephemera for projects including some for the Carpenter Center for the Arts at Harvard, The Guggenheim and the SFMOMA. In recent years, Thea personal work has focused on projects that use the power of print to connect and engage community.

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