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Mistake Club

Mistake Club’s mission is to encourage little ones (and big ones) to learn from failure and proudly embrace mistakes as part of growing. 

It all began when Co-founder Mayra saw her ten year old daughter frantically erasing one of her drawings. She described it as "a silly mistake." Mayra created the Mistake doll and left it by her daughter’s door with a note… “My name is Mistake and I just happen…But do you know what? I am actually one of your best friends! Through me, you will learn a lot of lessons, discover new abilities, try new ways of doing things and get to know yourself a little bit more.” 

Mayra started the Mistake Club as a way to teach her daughter that mistakes are opportunities to learn. They’re signs that you’ve dared to try something new! The mismatched shapes and colors show people that imperfections create personality and unique beauty.

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Mistake Club workshop

What's possible when you learn to embrace mistakes and dare to try new things?

For creative explorers of all ages, we're excited to announce a workshop in collaboration with Mistake Club! Reconnect with the process, become inspired by new ideas, and discover the unique beauty of imperfection!

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